Welcome to Silvia Pignata Consulting

As a business and research consultancy, we offer improvement strategies in multiple realms to help your company reach its maximum potential. When you work with Silvia Pignata Consulting, you’re accessing a wealth of knowledge that can help take your business to new highs. We offer consultations in the following fields:

  • Organisational improvement
  • HR interventions
  • Workplace stress reduction
  • Improving staff well-being and morale



  • Enhancing teamwork and communication
  • Leadership, management, training and teaching practices
  • Changing organisational culture

We specialise in working with businesses of all sizes in order to produce effective outcomes. We are happy to partner with other groups of consultants if the project requires it. From low to high-risk projects, we do it all. Call our team today in Australia for details on how we can help you boost revenue, management skills and much more. We look forward to working with you.